In a rapidly evolving society characterized by the omnipresence of technology, the search for new solutions to improve our daily lives, and our efforts to manage increasing complexity are a constant challenge, as the fields of information technology and consumer electronics demonstrate. de Poorter Design conceives products which are functional, intuitive and minimalist, yet able to arouse emotions, giving birth to successful and innovative results.

de Poorter Design Studio is able to deal with complex projects thanks to a strong technical background. Founded by the French designer, Christian de Poorter, it guarantees competence in the engineering and technical examination of projects, actively collaborating with companies.  

Successful products

de Poorter Design is specialized in designing technologically advanced industrial products,  focussing particularly on usability, ergonomics and the user interface. Hence “Eagle”, Dionica’s Point Of Sale, an innovative project nominee for the 27th edition of the Smau Indutrial Design Award. The product has radically changed electronic payment systems in terms of design, ergonomics and modularity, and has become the market leader in Italy in the space of just two years. de Poorter Design also won the 2000 editions of the Smau Industrial Design Award and Design-In Award with “Opass”, the innovative proximity reader for access control and time and attendance. The first digital products for the consumer market made by the French company “Terraillon” in the mid-eighties – scales and timers – have been selected by the Museum of Modern Art of New York.

A fan of new technologies, Christian de Poorter is also a freelance journalist. He works with Sole 24 Ore’s Nòva, writing about design and new interfaces. He is the editor of Futurix, a blog dedicated to the future: technology, Internet, augmented reality, design and architecture; as well as the blog titled Less is more on nova100 (Sole 24 Ore).
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