We don’t buy products, we buy emotions!

We don’t buy products and services, we buy emotions! We are all in search of emotions. The game of seduction applies both to things and to people. “We buy with our eyes” said Raymond Loewy. Design must adapt technology to mankind with one specific aim: to create irresistibly attractive products with a strong emotional appeal. The aesthetics of surprise prevails.  
Less is more

Why must high-tech inevitably generate complexity?

Every day we come face to face with stressful DVD recorders, smart phones and puzzling remote controls: technology is fascinating, but confusing. Who’s to blame?  An inadequate man-machine interface and a lack of common sense. The keyword is “simplify”, from a minimalist point of view. Technology not only changes the shape of objects, but noticeably alters the way we relate to them: thus design becomes the protagonist of a functionality and an ergonomics which are not only physical, but also intellectual. The world is digital, but mankind is analogical! The best technology is the one that can’t be seen. de Poorter Design pursues a humanist philosophy, in which design is the mediator between technology and mankind.  
From high-tech to high-touch

The hyper-technological man we are turning into seeks sensory compensation not only in shapes, but also in externally refined materials: the “skin” of our objects. Now more than ever we need new sensory stimuli, perhaps to make up for the coldness of the technology that surrounds us.  
In the future

The future of design also looks to nature for inspiration, with special focus on environmental sustainability. Technological evolution is profoundly changing man-machine interfaces. Augmented reality, for instance, will transform our relations with objects and services. Taking its cue from an understanding of state-of-the-art research, quality design will therefore have to anticipate the latent dreams and needs of consumers bymeans of new scenarios and human-centered user experience. The Internet of things will change our approach towards design even further, with augmented user interfaces in an ecosystem of permanently connected products.
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